Skin Revive

Organic floral facial mist 100ml

Skin alchemy. Instantly revives dry, dull or tired skin.


This supremely hydrating and nourishing facial spray offers instant relief from tired, dry or irritated skin. The beautiful botanicals in rose, neroli and geranium flower waters combine to revive dull-looking skin, reduce redness and promote a healthy, glowing complexion. Our curated blend of essential oils soothe both the skin and the senses, calming and revitalising at the same time.
Keep your Skin Revive in the fridge for added freshness and vitality.
Spritz throughout the day to refresh the skin, use as a gentle toner twice daily after cleansing, or after applying makeup as a finishing touch. Spray all over the body after a hot bath for a sumptuously refreshing and revitalising treat.
This is a fine, refreshing mist that hydrates, tones and revives.
*Rose floral water (rosa damascena), *Orange floral water (citrus sinensis), *Geranium floral water (pelargonium graveolens), *Evening primrose oil (oenothera biennis), *Lavender essential oil (lavandula officinalis), *Bourbon geranium essential oil (pelargonium graveolens), *Rosewood essential oil (aniba rosaeodora), *Sandalwood essential oil (santalum album), *Fragonia essential oil (agonis fragrans), *Neroli essential oil (citrus aurantium). *Organic ingredients
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The Magic Ingredients

Floral waters of rose, neroli and geranium balance the skin’s pH as they hydrate, tone, refresh and brighten. Rose water provides nourishment and anti-ageing properties, while neroli water is astringent and rejuvenating. Evening primrose oil is beautifully moisturising, improves skin elasticity and reduces inflammation. Lavender accelerates wound healing, calms irritation and destroys bacteria, while rosewood and neroli essential oils uplift the mood and reduce depression and anxiety.
"Pure alchemy!"
Georgina Olley
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5 reviews for Skin Revive

  1. Marie

    Having just discovered this brand, there are several products that are totally addictive, this is one of them. After spritzing with with this, you actually do feel hydrated and refreshed, and the scent transports you. Its a great way to start your day.

  2. Laura Lopedote

    I just love this spray. It is so refreshing and the scent is just wonderful! I spray my face every morning and evening before applying my other Lacréme Beauté products. Another must-have product for me!

  3. Lynne White

    This Skin Revive is addictive!! I travel a lot on planes, so this really helps combat that dry plane atmosphere…..It is also such a wonderful way to start your morning, one spritz and you are ready to go. I am so happy that i have discovered this product.
    Its a staple piece in my handbag now.

  4. Elizabeth O’Connor Bandeen

    I keep this in my car and spray it on my face as I go to and from work. The cooling spray and active ingredients keeps my natural redness at bay. Works well on a clean face or with make-up. Love it!

  5. Emma

    I can’t live without this product on a hot day!

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