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Transformative Skincare

Naturally regenerate your skin with nature's natural botox!

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High Vibration

Unleash your inner goddess

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Skin Alchemy

Discover nature's answer to botox

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Dynamic Duos

These dynamic duos pack a punch to deliver your ultimate glow in an at-home express facial format. Earn the ultimate reward...triple points on every Dynamic Duo purchase, the best way to shop at Lacrème Beauté.


Harness the healing power of nature to deliver beauty and radiance, inside and out.

"Les meilleurs produits organiques que j'ai pu ultiliser, les seuls que j'ultilise."
Sebastien Guglietta
"I cannot live without your products. I cannot use anything else, I panic if I don't have them!"
Chantal Witten
"I can’t thank Victoria enough for creating such a fabulous skincare line that has changed my skin."
Gabriel Diaz
"My solution to both stable glowing skin and responsible skincare that aligns with my ethics"
Georgina Olley
"The products are literally GOLD!"
Lindsay Freedman
"I've now thrown away everything else I've ever used"
Lisa McRee

Lacrème Beauté exists to heal through skincare

Born from a passion for skincare and a love of nature, Lacrème Beauté is an intuitively formulated range of luxury, effective, organic skincare products. Each product is created to transform the quality of the skin through superior ingredients and high-performing botanicals, and to provide gentle healing through the pure frequencies of plant energies. We harness the healing power of nature to deliver health, radiance and rejuvenation, inside and out.

The art of a cleansing ritual - Lacrème Beauté

The art of a cleansing ritual

In the realm of skincare rituals, cleansing stands tall as the cornerstone of a healthy, radiant complexion. While it should be a regular part of your routine, it doesn’t have to be mundane. Your cleansing step can also become a deeply grounding and transformative experience that centres you in your body while paving the way for nourished, rejuvenated skin.
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Behind the scenes: small batch magic - Lacrème Beauté

Behind the scenes: small batch magic

One thing that sets Lacrème Beauté apart is our small batch philosophy. Not only do we hand-make our products in small batches for optimal freshness, we also purchase our ingredients in small quantities to ensure optimal potency and efficacy of the product.
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The power of bee venom - Lacrème Beauté

The power of bee venom

Our mission as a brand is to create genuine skincare transformations by way of natural ingredients and results-driven formulas.

Among the many powerful ingredients that we work with, bee venom is one of our most precious, due to the astonishing, alchemical results it produces in the skin.

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