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The benefits of facial massage - Lacrème Beauté

The benefits of facial massage

What is facial massage?

Facial massage is an ancient technique with incredible benefits for skin health and rejuvenation. It involves massaging the face and neck, often stimulating pressure points, which promotes skin health while relaxing the facial muscles. It can be done simply with the hands or with various tools, including facial rollers, gua sha scraping tools, facial cupping or even electric microcurrent tools. It’s something that you can do at home or with a practitioner.

It’s important to use a good base of a face oil, balm or serum for your facial massage, to help your hands or tools glide over the skin. If there is not enough product on the skin, a tool could sometimes damage the skin, which is the reverse of what you want. Our favourite bases for a facial massage are: 

Rose Face Oil Bee Venom Beauty Boost Glow

The benefits of facial massage


One of the primary benefits of facial massage is that it stimulates blood flow to the skin. Better blood flow means enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, dramatically improving skin cell health, plumpness and radiance. This is one of the reasons why you’ll notice a beautiful glow in your complexion after a facial massage.


Improved blood flow and nutrient delivery keeps cells healthy for longer, which reduces the damaging effects of ageing to the skin. Facial massage also boosts collagen production, which helps the skin stay smooth, supple and elastic. Loss of collagen in the skin is associated with ageing, and improved collagen production can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, facial massage helps relieve muscle tension in the face, which actually helps to improve skin quality, tone and appearance.

Skin health

Massaging the face, particularly with specific techniques like gua sha and facial rolling, helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage from the face, clearing stagnant lymph away from under the skin and helping it to drain into lymph nodes in the neck. Lymph is a fluid that carries waste products around the body, and if it lays stagnant can contribute to toxic build up in the skin and acne. Facial massage enhances skin health, improves detoxification and prevents blemishes.


Stagnant lymph can also be responsible for fluid retention, such as puffiness around the eyes and chin. Encouraging lymphatic drainage helps to reduce this puffiness and reveals stronger-looking cheekbones, jawlines and brighter eyes. The repetitive and lifting action of a facial massage can also lift and sculpt the face, revealing beautiful angles, lifted brows and higher cheekbones. These results are temporary, but regular facial massage helps to keep the face clear of fluid, encourages sculpting and lifting, and keeps the skin healthy and strong.

Product absorption

On top of all these marvellous benefits to your skin health, facial massage actually helps to improve absorption of your skincare products. We often don’t allow enough time for our products to fully absorb before applying another product, makeup or going to bed where our product can rub off onto our pillow. Including a facial massage step after your favourite face oil, balm or serum allows time for the product to take action and helps it penetrate the skin’s layers for optimal absorption. This ensures you get the most out of the active ingredients in your chosen skincare products.


Finally, facial massage is incredibly soothing to the mind and body. It eases muscle tension in the face and relaxes the jaw muscles, which helps to unlock stress and anxiety. The slow and repetitive motion calms the mind. It’s an act of self-care, of investing time in oneself, that is nourishing to the body, mind and soul.

To learn about how to perform a facial massage and which tools to use, head over to our Instagram page to watch our first two pinned reels and follow along with our resident facialist Darcy as she teaches you her tricks of the trade.
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