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Our Story

Learn about the history behind our brand, the magic of our products and our dedication to creating efficacious, transformative skincare.


Born from a passion for skincare and a love of nature, Lacrème Beauté is an intuitively formulated range of luxury, effective, organic skincare products. Each product is created to transform the quality of the skin through superior ingredients and high-performing botanicals, and to provide gentle healing through the pure frequencies of plant energies. We harness the healing power of nature to deliver health, radiance and rejuvenation, inside and out.

Victoria, our founder, spent years searching for her “dream cream” but never found an organic face cream that was up to her impeccable standards of purity, potency and beauty. Having studied aromatherapy and worked for many years in the beauty industry as a model, she decided to make her own, resulting in the iconic Bee Venom Cream that remains our no.1 bestselling product. Her partner Marc inspired her in this decision — coming from a background in the beauty industry himself, he saw her passion and encouraged her to believe she could build a brand around her purpose.

Our results-driven formulas are meticulously crafted with the finest natural ingredients, each chosen for its unique beauty-enhancing properties. We handmake all of our products in small batches, which ensures the optimal freshness of ingredients and the highest potency. We are committed to creating highly efficacious, transformative skincare.

As a small team, we love what we do and live to serve our customers’ skin. We take immense care with every detail. All of our products are handmade in London with the finest ingredients and each parcel is packed by hand. A lot of love and care goes into each package, we don’t cut corners. We believe in the power of intention and we want our customers to have the best experience possible.


At Lacrème Beauté we believe in ageing gracefully and naturally. We love to celebrate the natural ageing of the face, as its beauty transforms over the years. Our products are crafted to support the ageing process with the finest ingredients that nature can provide, to optimise skin health, hydration, nourishment and vitality for as long as possible. Our Bee Venom range has particularly powerful effects on mature skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, enhancing skin moisture levels, health and texture.



Every living thing is made of molecules which are constantly vibrating, generating electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency. A toxic environment, an unhealthy diet or negative experiences can lower our own vibration. It’s possible to raise our vibration through meditation, gratitude and joy, or by using the high and pure frequencies of plants on the skin and in aromatherapy. Rose essential oil has the highest known vibrational frequency, vibrating at 320mHz. That gives it the most potential to raise our frequency of any living thing, and it’s one of the reasons why we use pure rose essential oil in so many of our products. A higher frequency promotes feelings of self love, peace, calm and wellness — it helps us attract positivity towards us.



Our performance-driven product range lends itself beautifully to high-quality, therapeutic spa treatments. Lacrème Beauté products are currently used in several notable, luxury spas around the world in a range of anti-ageing, sculpting, balancing and healing therapies. To find a signature Lacrème Beauté facial or stockist near you, please get in touch!