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Lacrème Beauté founder’s morning routine - Lacrème Beauté

Lacrème Beauté founder’s morning routine

Hello! This is my typical morning routine, one of the most crucial parts of my day as a business owner.

I love taking my time in the morning to get ready for the day. Because I work a lot with America, I give myself the luxury of a slower morning because I tend to work late into the evenings. My mornings are when I collect myself and nourish my body and mind before the hard work later in the day. By nature I’m a night owl so this suits my body’s rhythm. I find a slow, purposeful, intentional morning sets me up wonderfully for the day of ahead and running my business.

The first thing I do every morning is to splash my face with ice cold water. It wakes me up and soothes and refreshes my skin. I follow that with a few spritzes of Skin Revive, which not only primes my skin for the next step but also starts my day with a beautiful, uplifting, sensory experience. Skin Revive is a stunning blend of floral waters and essential oils which calm inflammation, hydrate, purify and tighten the pores. In the warmer months I like to keep my bottle in the fridge - the cold mist feels absolutely sublime.

Onto my damp skin, I apply my Rose Face Oil and do a mini facial massage, tapping my marma points. It’s the best thing I do for my skin - I notice an incredible difference in my skin quality and facial contouring with both the facial massage and tapping. I do it first thing in the morning to wake up the skin and to spend those first few moments centring myself. The Rose Face Oil is a pure, organic oil that absorbs beautifully in the skin, with incredible botanical ingredients that nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Its scent is honestly the most divine way to start the day!

Depending on my mood and how my skin feels, I either leave the oil to absorb alone or I add a layer of Rose Cream, especially if my skin is dry. I don’t cleanse in the mornings but if you have skin that tends to breakout it can be a useful step to add before moisturising. The Gentle Milk Cleanser is extremely gentle, as the name suggests! But don’t be fooled - it cleanses deeply and leaves the skin squeaky clean without drying it out.

My skincare only takes a few minutes but it’s an integral part of my morning routine, both for my skin and my own health and happiness. As soon as it’s done, I put the kettle on. I like to have a cup of hot water before anything else in the day, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon, which I find both cleansing and stimulating to my system. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends drinking warm water in the morning and throughout the day, which they say kickstarts the digestive system and helps the blood flow, while cold water can slow our system down. With my cup of hot water, I like to sit for a moment and look at the trees outside my window, listening to the birds. It may sound a little cuckoo! But it’s important to me to have a moment of stillness, calm and reflection. I find it both relaxing and regenerating.

By now, I’m usually feeling ready to start moving. I make my tea and catch up with a little news, avoiding social media. Then I grab my gym kit and head out for a workout, or perhaps a walk in the beautiful Holland Park which is near my home. I love starting my day with movement, and adding a brief connection with nature makes it even better. Of course, when I’m in California, I’ll take a hike over my favourite mountains instead, which I find so incredibly nourishing to my mind and soul!

When I’m home, I have a late breakfast before I get down to business. I have an egg every morning, usually with spinach, which I find the most nutritious and filling breakfast. It’s often accompanied by my favourite Ottolenghi sourdough bread - another perk of living in my area! And then I’m well and truly ready for the day ahead.

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