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Summer skincare secrets - Lacrème Beauté

Summer skincare secrets

Optimise your skincare routine for summer.

It would be lovely to keep the same skincare routine year-round, however the changing conditions of each season place different burdens on your skin. So, your skincare routine should shift accordingly. In the summer the air is warmer and more humid, which can result in oiler, shinier skin. Especially if you’re prone to oily skin, this can be a recipe for summer breakouts. Your summer skincare routine must place a focus on managing skin oil content, keeping the skin clean and healthy to prevent blemishes, while prioritising hydration and nourishment, as always.

Increased sun exposure during the summer months can increase the potential for UV damage, one of the leading causes of skin ageing. One way to combat this is to make sure that your summer skincare routine contains plentiful antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage and use skin protection, intensively nourishing ingredients to protect and regenerate the skin barrier, and hydrating ingredients to prevent skin damage.

Our recommended summer skincare adjustments:

  1. Let your skin breathe and  switch to a lighter moisturiser

During the summer, it’s better to switch to a lighter moisturiser that absorbs well and lets your skin breathe, like our Rose Cream which supports optimal oil levels and contains natural ingredients with properties that prevent breakouts. It is lightweight, suitable for daily use, and formulated with ingredients that hydrate, nourish, reduce redness and inflammation. Jojoba oil balances the skin’s sebum (oil) content, while argan and camellia oils hydrate and repair damaged skin. Rose floral water is gently astringent, helping to keep the pores tight and clean, and calendula oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness, rosacea and prevent the appearance of blemishes. Essential oils of rose, frankincense and patchouli are rich in antioxidants and healing nutrients that support skin moisture levels, dramatically reduce inflammation and help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Double cleanse

Double cleansing is an excellent way to maintain skin health and cleanliness, and should be part of any summer skincare routine for oily or combination skin. It is especially important during the summer months, as makeup and dirt clog your pores and contribute to congestion and breakouts. It relies on two cleansing methods:

  1.  Use an oil or balm cleanser, like the Rose Face Oil or Glow. Both are able to dissolve impurities in your pores whilst simultaneously hydrating the skin. With clean hands, blend your oil or balm into dry or damp skin, massaging for 1-2 minutes, then use a warm washcloth to remove.
  2. Follow with a second cleanse using the Gentle Milk Cleanser to remove any remaining impurities. Gentle as can be, it leaves the skin squeaky clean without causing any irritation or damage. Massage into damp skin, then splash with warm water to remove. The Gentle Milk Cleanser is exactly as it sounds: deeply cleansing but gentle on the skin, it moisturises and is suitable for all skin types. Your skin will be silky soft and perfectly ready for your lightweight Rose Cream, or an interim facial massage.
  1. After sun exposure, optimise hydration, healing and control inflammation

The sun can be both a friend and a foe, but fear not—we have the ultimate secret weapon to rehydrate, replenish and repair: our beloved Glow balm. Undoubtedly our best summer skincare product, this magical repair balm is like a spa day in a jar, instantly calming inflammation and reducing redness. It's a powerhouse of antioxidants, thanks to rosehip oil, and the anti-inflammatory wonders of calendula oil. Argan oil targets sun-damaged areas, and miraculous manuka honey has profound healing properties. Use Glow as a cleanser, as a base for a heavenly Gua Sha facial massage, or as an overnight face mask. Expect deeply hydrated, calm, and radiant skin.

  1. Make time for a facial massage

Whether you use your hands or massage tools, facial massage is transformative and rejuvenating. Practised regularly, it helps the skin stay clear and blemish-free, radiant and glowy, not to mention naturally contoured. The ritual can also reduce stress and improve facial contouring by reducing water retention. To read more about these benefits, check out our blog post on The Benefits of Facial Massage.

Our products of choice for a summer facial massage are the Rose Quartz Large Gua Sha and Rose Face Oil or Glow balm (essential in facilitating firm sweeping motions). The pure rose quartz resonates with a frequency of pure love, and has a unique shape to perfectly contours your face. The essential oils in our summer product range, including rose, frankincense, patchouli, vanilla and lavender, possess properties that particularly combat summer skin conditions. With immense antioxidant power and potent anti-inflammatory compounds, they promote skin rejuvenation, hydration and healing, and reduce UV damage, redness and congestion.

  1. Keep your skin refreshed all day

To keep your summer skin refreshed, reduce shine and improve hydration in between morning and evening skincare routines, we recommend a nourishing facial mist to promote optimal skin hydration. Enter the Skin Revive face mist. This glorious product is overflowing with beautiful botanical ingredients, including floral hydrosols, nourishing oils and aromatic essential oils. Hydrosols, also called flower waters, of rose, neroli and geranium are hydrating, antibacterial and mildly astringent, which help to maintain skin health, reduce pore size and control shine. Evening primrose oil moisturises lightly to prevent skin dryness and help it to retain its bouncy glow. Essential oils of rosewood, geranium, lavender, sandalwood, fragonia and neroli also contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and their gorgeous aromatherapeutic scents soothe the nervous system and uplift the mood. Our top tip is to keep your Skin Revive in the fridge to allow the extra freshness to reduce redness and refresh skin tone throughout the day.

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