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How to dry-brush your body and why it is great for you and your skin. - Lacrème Beauté

How to dry-brush your body and why it is great for you and your skin.

Spring is here and with it comes new beginnings and a yearning for the warmth of summer time. The colder months of the year are (almost) behind us.


To titillate your senses you might want to be transported back to the memories of heavenly summer travels by the magical aromas of our Mediterranean Orange Body Products. These have become a firm favourite amongst our loyal Beauté tribe and summer time dreamers. A luxurious yet simple application, they are a delight to use and are sensory heaven.


The scent of summer is synonymous with the Mediterranean for us, our Body Cream is created with that in mind. The aroma allows you to carry the summer with you wherever you go. But that's not all. Along with its magical aroma the Mediterranean Orange Body Cream carries an enhanced formula of our most nourishing organic oils, making this body cream the most hydrating and nurturing it could be. It absorbs beautifully into the skin, leaving it with a subtle, velvety sheen that speaks to the lasting nourishment it conveys.

We tend to place our focus on the face when we talk about skincare, but our skin is our largest organ and your body needs just as much attention. With Spring in full swing, air temperatures are (slowly) rising, winds calming and the central heating is going down, it is still important to maintain skin hydration all over your body. Particularly before a summer's worth of sunshine to enjoy ahead. Our Mediterranean Orange Body Cream is a wonderful way to give some extra love and care to your beautiful skin.


Body brushing

The benefits of body brushing:

- stimulate the lymphatic system and aids in detoxification

- increases the circulation

- reveals smoother and exfoliated skin

N.B. Harsh exfoliation is not the aim here.

Because the skin is our biggest organ, it is important to aid in it's detoxification. We both absorb and eliminate toxins through our skin, which is one of the reasons why we place such importance on using all natural ingredients in our products. It is also why it's vital to have a consistent cleansing ritual, of both the face and body, which helps to keep your skin clear, healthy and radiant.

We love using a dry brush to stimulate detoxification in the skin before bathing.

Start at your feet and work your way up. Spend 1-2 minutes before your shower or bath, brushing the skin in wide, gentle circles towards the heart. Brush in a clockwise motion on your tummy.

It feels wonderful, boosts the mood and can be both stimulating in the morning and soothing in the evening. During your shower or bath, cleanse the skin with our Mediterranean Orange Body Wash, which is designed to purify and nourish without causing tightness or irritation. Follow with our Mediterranean Orange Body Cream to conclude this bodycare ritual and to lock in all that health and hydration.

Mmmm divine! 💛

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