Skin Revive

Organic floral facial mist

Skin alchemy. Instantly revives dry, dull or tired skin.


This is a wonderfully hydrating and nourishing facial spray for instant relief from tired, dry and irritated skin. The beautiful botanicals in rose, neroli and geranium flower waters combine to revive dull-looking skin, reduce redness and promote a healthy, glowing complexion. Our curated blend of essential oils soothe the skin and the senses, calming and revitalising at the same time.
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The Magic Ingredients

Floral waters of rose, neroli and geranium balance the skin’s pH as they hydrate, tone, refresh and brighten. Rose water is nourishing and anti-aging, while neroli water is astringent and rejuvenating. Evening primrose oil is beautifully moisturising, improves skin elasticity and reduces inflammation. Lavender calms skin irritation, accelerates wound healing and destroys bacteria, whilst rosewood and neroli essential oils uplift the mood and reduce depression and anxiety.
"Pure alchemy!"
Georgina Olley