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Bee Venom

Often called nature’s botox, this incredible ingredient is one of the Earth’s most potent anti-agers. Bee venom has been used therapeutically for thousands of years for a variety of health conditions and as a rejuvenating treatment. In skincare, it tricks the skin to thinking it has been stung, causing the cells to lift, plump and tighten. This increases blood flow to the skin, boosting the delivery of nutrients and fresh oxygen, thereby enhancing the skin’s own mechanisms for healing, nourishment and renewal. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improving skin tone, texture and elasticity. In larger doses, bee venom is known to cause inflammation around the sting site, but in small doses it can be powerfully anti-inflammatory. One of its primary active ingredients, melittin, is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, targeting acne, eczema and other skin inflammations.

Our bee venom is harvested ethically from African bees, renowned for their powerful stings and the high concentration of active ingredients. A glass panel with a very light electric current is placed near the hive, slightly agitating any bee that comes into contact with it and causing it to sting the glass. The sting glances off the solid panel and the bee flies away unharmed, leaving behind a small quantity of venom that is later collected. Studies show that this practice neither damages the bee colonies nor honey production, allowing us to enjoy the wonderful benefits of this ancient medicine without causing harm.
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