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The majestic baobab tree, native to Africa, is distinctive for its ‘upside down’ look, with a thick trunk and small branches that look like roots sticking up into the air. Prized for its medicinal properties and with an average lifespan of more than a thousand years, the baobab tree is known in Africa as the “tree of life” or the “pharmacy tree”. The oil is pressed from its seeds, and is both consumed and used topically to treat a variety of conditions.

Extraordinarily nutritious, baobab oil packs a powerful punch of vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fats. Its fruit is 7-10 times richer in vitamin C than an orange, whilst the seeds provide calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, E and more. Its impressive content of omega 3 fats make this oil profoundly moisturising. It softens the skin, improves its elasticity, helps to repair broken or damaged skin and reduces inflammation, all without leaving a greasy residue. It is a valued treatment for eczema, acne and extremely dry skin, and is prized for its rejuvenating and healing properties.

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