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Bee Venom Beauty Boost

Organic rejuvenating beauty balm 50ml


An intensely restorative and age-defying beauty balm for powerful skin hydration, nourishment and regeneration.

Nature’s answer to botox, this is an ultra-regenerating and intensively moisturising beauty balm. A sumptuous blend of organic mango and avocado butters deeply penetrate the skin for optimum hydration, whilst bee venom stimulates collagen and elastin production, instantly plumping the skin and helping it stay firm and youthful. Suitable for all skin types
Beauté tip

Use as a base for a luxurious facial massage with Gua Sha Tools to improve skin quality, firmness and tone. Apply a small amount to the cheekbones in the evening as a highlighter, for an extra touch of youthful radiance.


Use day or night as an intensive, emergency skin treatment or underneath your favourite moisturiser. Massage into the face, neck and décolleté before applying makeup to protect, hydrate and rejuvenate. Best used daily in conjunction with our Bee Venom Cream.


This product has a deliciously smooth, buttery texture that glides easily onto the skin. It instantly nourishes dull or dehydrated skin, both as an emergency treatment or underneath your favourite moisturiser.


*White beeswax (cera flava), *Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), *Mango butter (mangifera indica), *Avocado butter (persea americana), *Pomegranate oil (punica granatum), *Apricot oil (prunus armeniaca), *Blackcurrant oil (ribes nigrum), Meadowfoam oil (limnantes alba), *Baobab oil (adansonia digitata), *Rosehip oil (rosa canina), *Argan oil (argania spinosa), *Manuka honey (apis mellifera), *Bee venom, *Lemon essential oil (citrus limonum), *Rosemary essential oil (rosmarinus officinalis), *Lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia). *Organic ingredients

The Magic Ingredients

This balm has a gloriously rich formula of anti-ageing ingredients, restorative oils and hydrating butters. Our ethically harvested bee venom stimulates collagen and blood flow in the skin, to smooth, lift and plump. Pomegranate oil stimulates the keratinocytes, major cells in the epidermis, regenerating skin quality and repairing dry or damaged skin. Apricot seed, baobab, rosehip and blackcurrant seed oils provide a potent array of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids to enhance skin elasticity and revive the complexion.

"As a surfing mum living in California, I’m in the sun a lot. The Lacrème Beauté Bee Venom Beauty Boost really helps nourish my damaged skin and has helped diminish the appearance of my wrinkles - plus it smells and feels like total luxury!"

Heather Tehrani

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Julie Samuels-Metheany

This product is the best ...I have aging skin and feel dry all the time. I love all the products but put this under the other ones as a base and it keeps my skin hydrated all day.


Obsessed !

Ceila Wise
The best ever

I have been using the Bee Venom Cream with a little glow on top ...for a couple of years now and have absolutely loved it. Recently, because I have been in the sun a lot, swimming every day, I decided to try the Bee Venom Beauty Boost! Omg!! So many friends have commented, my skin is glowing! So grateful to have discovered this. My skin feels moisturized even when I wake up. The best part is - I have been using the beauty boost on my neck too, absolutely incredible! The BEST EVER!!! I was using Eminence neck cream and it was okay - but no comparison to this !!! You will see.

Penelope AH
I go nowhere without it

I have been using this amazing product for some years now. I have an unexplained and unpredictable allergy that causes the skin around my eyes to swell profoundly. It is both painful and debilitating as i am unable to see at its worst. I have found that the Beauty Boost is the one thing that eases the discomfort and aids the healing process. Without doubt a far more preferable way of approaching this problem than the extended use of medicated cream. to be honest, I go nowhere without it. A magic alchemy!

Charlie M
Your products are absolutely amazing

Your products are absolutely amazing, thank you for the most wonderful customer service ever - the bee venom, my special friend swears by it. Your company is just simply amazing!!!! Charlie M