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Skin Alchemy: transforming your skin naturally - Lacrème Beauté

Skin Alchemy: transforming your skin naturally

‘Skin alchemy’ is a concept that exists at the heart of Lacrème Beauté. It’s not just a tagline, it's our brand DNA, the guiding principle that underpins the rejuvenating power of our products, their intuitive formulation and the youthful magic they bring to our customers’ skin. It encapsulates our dedication to creating skincare products that deliver genuine results and a true transformation in skin health, radiance and beauty, as well as the indefinable magnetism that draws people like you into the world of Lacrème Beauté. ‘Skin alchemy’ is the way in which our products resonate with the skin and body, on both an energetic and a cellular level. It’s the magic that brings together our product formulations, transformative results, cherished customers and brand values.

Intuitive formulations

Creating skincare products that yield truly transformative results could be likened to the ancient art of alchemy. Skincare formulation is an art, a beautiful dance in which ingredients are chosen with precision and blended with care, where science and nature unite to create something extraordinary. Since the birth of Lacrème Beauté, our founder Victoria has used a combination of scientific knowledge, a holistic viewpoint and an intuitive understanding of the power of natural ingredients to formulate her incredible skincare collection. Just as alchemists sought to transmute metals into gold, we strive to turn simple ingredients into potent elixirs that enhance your skin’s vitality as well as that of your body and mind. While our powerful botanical ingredients work their magic on your skin, our unique essential oil blends work harmoniously to bring your mind and body into a state of balance.

Genuine transformations

The concept of ‘skin alchemy’ extends to the idea that specific ingredients possess transformative powers for the skin. Organic oils, butters and essential oils take centre stage in our formulations, along with prized ingredients from our beloved bees – bee venom, manuka honey and beeswax. We are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients meticulously, responsibly, and with a spark of intuition that adds the personal touch to our formulations that you know and love. This commitment results in the powerful nutritional profiles and transformative qualities present in all of our products.

At the core of our brand is the mission to provide genuine skincare transformations. Our products are formulated with the utmost care to bring about real change in our customers’ skin. The phenomenal results experienced by our Beauté Tribe are both our daily inspiration and the irresistible allure that keeps our loyal customers coming back for more.

Ageless beauty

Like the alchemical pursuit of the philosopher's stone for immortality, the beauty industry is ever in pursuit of an elixir of youth. At Lacrème Beauté, we passionately offer natural and organic solutions for ageless beauty, celebrating and uplifting the beautiful process of ageing. Our bestselling Bee Venom collection harnesses unique combinations of active ingredients that stimulate collagen synthesis and skin renewal, providing a revolutionary approach to natural anti-ageing. Often called nature’s botox, this alchemical product line is our version of the elusive elixir of youth.

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