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Behind the scenes: small batch magic - Lacrème Beauté

Behind the scenes: small batch magic

One thing that sets Lacrème Beauté apart is our small batch philosophy. Not only do we hand-make our products in small batches for optimal freshness, we also purchase our ingredients in small quantities to ensure optimal potency and efficacy of the product.


Over years of honing our skincare craft, we’ve learned that the simple act of opening and closing ingredient jars or bottles diminishes the potency of the elixir inside. Contact with light and air slowly but surely impacts purity and efficacy, so we decided long ago to purchase our ingredients in smaller containers. Each ingredient bottle is opened only once or twice before it’s finished, ensuring that the magic ingredients going into your skincare products are the freshest they can be. The oils, balms, and essences we procure are specially selected for their purity, potency, and freshness from hand-picked suppliers.


Our skincare products are lovingly handmade in London by a dedicated team, close to home. In addition to preserving the potency of our ingredients, our small batch approach allows us to maintain impeccable quality control standards. By working in smaller quantities, our team can closely monitor every step of the production process, ensuring that each batch meets our exacting standards. This hands-on approach ensures consistency and quality in every jar and bottle bearing the Lacrème Beauté name. Due to the nature of our production process, each product you receive is likely from a different batch, and may vary slightly in colour, texture or scent. Since botanical ingredients are often seasonal, purchasing them in smaller quantities enables us to choose the most potent option available, resulting in slight variations in our products throughout the year. Rest assured, we will never sacrifice the quality or potency of our products.

Another advantage of our small batch production is the reduction of waste. By purchasing only the precise amount of ingredients needed for each batch, we minimise excess inventory and eliminate the risk of ingredients expiring before they can be used. This allows us to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, contributing to a greener future.


Moreover, our commitment to small batch production extends beyond the realm of skincare. We prioritise cultivating long-term relationships with our suppliers, many of whom are local artisans and farmers dedicated to sustainable practices. By supporting small-scale producers, we not only ensure the freshness and quality of our ingredients but also invest in the vitality of local communities. Our interconnected network of artisans, suppliers, and customers forms the foundation of Lacrème Beauté's ethos, rooted in a deep respect for nature, a dedication to ethical business practices, and a commitment to fostering genuine customer relationships.

In essence, our small batch philosophy embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and integrity. Our unwavering commitment to these seemingly small details is what infuses Lacrème Beauté with its uniquely magical, alchemical energy. It’s what makes our products truly transformative and maintains the impeccable standards of skincare that our customers expect. It is also what distinguishes our premium skincare products: superior ingredients, powerful formulations, and a luxurious feel.

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