Our Story

About Victoria

I have always loved skincare and had a deep connection with nature. Working as a model and actress in my 20s, my skin reacted badly to the constant application of synthetic creams and makeup. I ended up refusing to do jobs unless I could use my own, non-toxic products! The difference in my skin was astonishing and I have never looked back.

I spent many years searching for my “dream cream”: an all-powerful, natural cream to surpass all others. After years and years, trying product after product and studying aromatherapy, I finally decided to try and make it myself. Our bee venom cream is, for me, that cream. The cream I was looking for. And I know no greater joy than being able to share that with others.  

Lacrème Beauté is about sharing my passion with you, about delivering magic to people’s lives and watching their skin thrive. I feel so blessed to have found my path in life, to be able to live and breathe my passion every day, to feel able to help people, transform their skin and, hopefully, brighten their day.  

“Lacrème Beauté is a brand at the intersection between luxury and organic.”

Lacrème Beauté

When Lacrème Beauté was born in 2011, I was living with my partner and daughter in a beautiful chalet, nestled in the mountains in rural France. There lies the origin of our name, and the root of our brand.  

Spending half my time in France and half in Los Angeles, most of the organic creams I found were from Californian and Alpine market stalls. Overflowing with beautiful ingredients but often lacking in presentation. Lacrème Beauté is a brand at the intersection between luxury and organic. Strong, clean and beautiful, both inside and outside the jar. 

Since its inception, Lacrème Beauté has grown gently and organically. In such a competitive market, the products have sold themselves beyond anything I could have imagined. I remember when my early customers’ facialists would reach out to me one after the other, saying they’d noticed changes in their clients’ skin and asking for our products to use in their treatments. If I ever needed affirmation that we were doing the right thing, that was it. 

My partner, Marc, who is French himself, has offered me continued and unwavering support over the years. We run the business together to this day, between London, France and California, some of our favourite places in the world and all wonderful sources of inspiration for our brand.  


“When the body, the plant and the planet work in harmony, that’s when you get truly amazing results.”

Our Formulas

As my formulas evolved over time, it became ever clearer to me that the highest quality and purest ingredients have the greatest effect on the skin and the person. I learned never to cut corners on my ingredients, and the results speak for themselves. There is immense value in knowing exactly what is inside a product, in completely trusting what goes on your skin.  

Something that has always driven me is a sense of the wonderful mysteries that plants possess, and the knowledge that we are all interconnected. When the body, the plant and the planet work in harmony, that’s when you get truly amazing results. I believe that the powers of plants go beyond their incredible physical properties, and I take their energies and emotional healing capacities into deep consideration when formulating. All of our products are purposefully made with love and intention, which is our special way of giving our customers more than they expect.  

I am dedicated to my customers and to their skin. I can honestly say that nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing a transformation in someone when they are using our products.