Fresh Cut

Organic huile parfum

A fabulous, all natural huile parfum, inspired by twilight walks in a summer garden.


‘Experience the intoxicating scent of roses nestled amongst fresh cut flowers.’
  • Directions
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  • Texture
  • Ingredients
Apply to the nape of the neck for a scent that will last all day and all night.
Roll a few drops into the neck and wrists, and watch the world turn their heads as you pass.
Fresh cut is a very light oil that rolls easily onto the skin.
Our little secret! 100% natural ingredients, alcohol free.
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The Magic Ingredients

Set you soul alight with the uplifiting scent of a magical flower garden in the dusky heat of a summer evening. These essential oils work with your nervous system to brighten your mood, promote relaxation and reduce stress.
fresh cut rose garden sunset magic ingredient image lacreme beaute
"Everybody in the world asks me what perfume I'm wearing"
Natalia Safran